About us

conic and cylindrical and spherical roller bearings

Samara Bearing Plant OJSC is one of the largest world manufacturers of tapered, cylindrical and spherical roller bearings with diameter 19 - 4500 mm.

Priority direction of the company is manufacture of large-sized roller and ball bearings. SPZ-GROUP makes also analogues of bearings of foreign manufacturers and large-sized, non-standard bearings.

In 1992 the factory called 9th State bearing factory named after V.V. Kuibyshev. Its history has begun in 1935 when the governmental commission has accepted in a system operating the Samara railway repair factory, in abbreviated form "Sazherez". The first bearing has been collected on March, 18th, 1942 and has been intended for legendary tank "T-34".

On October, 16th, 1992 the factory has been transformed to joint-stock company of open type «Samara Bearing Factory», and on May, 29th, 1996 - in open joint-stock company «Samara Bearing Plant».

In the daily industrial and commercial activity of "SPZ-GROUP" has close partner communications with 57 enterprises - suppliers of metal and other materials necessary for manufacture. Their addresses - almost all Russia, a number of the states CIS and the far abroad.

The production of "SPZ-GROUP" delivers in more than 30 countries of Europe, Asia, America. Among steady customers of bearings - Poland, Finland, Hungary, Czechia, Slovakia, Germany, Spain, Romania, Serbia, Egypt, Iran, Pakistan, Singapore, Vietnam, Brazil, Argentina and other countries.


To Russia and the CIS "SPZ" bearings willingly buy almost all automobile and tractor factories, and also the enterprises of metallurgy and heavy mechanical engineering, oil and gas branch.

Only over the last ten years the company has received more than twenty various awards, including «the Gold Arch of Europe» - for merits in world integration process, the Certificate of the Russian Federation «Leader of the Russian Economy» - as the most stably developing enterprise, two International Certificates of Quality - as a recognition of successful realisation of quality management of world level products.